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Another tribute to one of the select few in my pantheon of Gods. Rishabh is forbidden from googling these. As before, all of the following are connected.

Q1. "Sixteen-year-old Jeanette Clark was out on a date in Barnesville, Georgia on December 22, 1962, the Saturday before Christmas. She was with a group of friends in a '54 Chevrolet. J. L. Hancock, also sixteen, was driving the car in heavy traffic and while traveling on Highway 341, collided with a trailer truck. Jeanette, the driver and another teenager were killed, and two other teens in the car were seriously injured."

Identify what this tragic accident inspired.

Q2. Identify the person whose faced has been (crudely, I admit) smudged out

Q3. In this question, the blank refers to the answer of the previous question.
______ was heavily influenced by The Who, and wrote it at a young age after listening to The Who's 'Behind Blue Eyes'. The construction is similar in that it is a ballad in two parts: a soft, melodic beginning, driven by finger-picking and gentle but powerful vocals, and then breaking out into a much harder, faster part about 2 minutes in, which eventually turns into a guitar jam that completes it.

Quite simply- Identify it.

Very poor response...neway...the answers are
1. Last Kiss
2. Eddie Vedder
3. Better Man


At January 1, 2008 at 2:39 AM rishabh said...

You I'd need to google this?



Eddie Vedder

Better Man


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