My tribute to one of the icons of our times. Each of the questions given below is connected.

Q1. A sitter. Simply fill in the missing name on the pic given below.

Q2. If you got the previous one, this one shouldn't be too difficult either. The blank in this question is the answer to Q.1.

_____ was given a copy of this book by his friend Ian Dallas, who was then in the process of converting to Islam. The story, about a moon-princess who was married off by her father to a man other than the man she loved struck a deep chord with _____.
Identify what came out of this inspiration (hint: identifying the story will get you the answer)

Q.3. In this question, _____ is the answer to Q.2

Identify this woman, who amongst others, also served as an inspiration for _____. Apparently ______ was fueled by his unrequited love for her.

And now, time for the answers. Answers cracked by everyone.
1. Clapton
3.Patty Boyd


At December 29, 2007 at 12:47 PM prince said...

2.the song layla by derek and the dominoes
3.pattie boyd

At December 29, 2007 at 2:15 PM Prahlad Srihari said...

1.Clapton is God
3.Pattie Boyd, wife of first George Harrison and then Eric Clapton.

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At December 29, 2007 at 3:55 PM pa said...

Well constructed question :)

-Thejaswi Udupa

At December 30, 2007 at 12:44 PM Nilanjana said...

1.eric clapton
2. layla
3. patti boyd
4. google images and wiki rock!

At December 30, 2007 at 6:12 PM Saurya Chakraborty said...

@pa- Thanks!! Thats probably the best compliment a quizzer can get.


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