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Another tribute to one of the select few in my pantheon of Gods. Rishabh is forbidden from googling these. As before, all of the following are connected.

Q1. "Sixteen-year-old Jeanette Clark was out on a date in Barnesville, Georgia on December 22, 1962, the Saturday before Christmas. She was with a group of friends in a '54 Chevrolet. J. L. Hancock, also sixteen, was driving the car in heavy traffic and while traveling on Highway 341, collided with a trailer truck. Jeanette, the driver and another teenager were killed, and two other teens in the car were seriously injured."

Identify what this tragic accident inspired.

Q2. Identify the person whose faced has been (crudely, I admit) smudged out

Q3. In this question, the blank refers to the answer of the previous question.
______ was heavily influenced by The Who, and wrote it at a young age after listening to The Who's 'Behind Blue Eyes'. The construction is similar in that it is a ballad in two parts: a soft, melodic beginning, driven by finger-picking and gentle but powerful vocals, and then breaking out into a much harder, faster part about 2 minutes in, which eventually turns into a guitar jam that completes it.

Quite simply- Identify it.

Very poor response...neway...the answers are
1. Last Kiss
2. Eddie Vedder
3. Better Man

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The quiz Rishabh and I did in KCircle, Hyderabad. This is my part of the quiz. Enjaai.

1.According to the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, X-related thefts are responsible for nearly 20% increase in the subway related crimes. Sociologists have attributed this to something known as techno-envy. A study showed the thefts could be linked to one specific, highly-indentifiable feature of X. The Metro Agency even started an ad campaign which went "__________ are a giveaway. Protect your _______", where both blanks are different. What's X, and what's this all-irritating feature??

2.In September 2007, the RAF and BSF were called to quell riots in Siliguri, West Bengal. The trouble started when supporters of Y attacked supporters of X.(X had just beaten Y to something). The violence was later exacerbated by a Delhi radio DJ who made allegedly “insulting” comments about X. Identify X, or what X&Y did.

3. Connect:

4.An August 2007 article in the Current Science journal estimated the money value of the savings accrued as a result of this change would be in the range of Rs. 1,000 crore every year, due to reduction in energy consumption upto 16% of what it is now. The authors also claim that this might help in reducing the number of road accidents. What?

5.And the pièce de résistance. Google will definitely make it really easy.

In 1946, Ailinginae, Ailinglaplap, Enewetak, jabat, Jaluit, Kwajalein, Maloelap, Nadikdik, Narnorik, Rongelap, Rongerik, Ujelag and Wotje, among many, many more, were shortlisted, but finally, something entirely pronouncible was chosen, for which we must be grateful. What am i talking about?

6.Finally, a picture to cap it off. Identify.(This is a pretty rare picture)


Which game is this?

This is GTA first ever version. Cracked by everyone


My tribute to one of the icons of our times. Each of the questions given below is connected.

Q1. A sitter. Simply fill in the missing name on the pic given below.

Q2. If you got the previous one, this one shouldn't be too difficult either. The blank in this question is the answer to Q.1.

_____ was given a copy of this book by his friend Ian Dallas, who was then in the process of converting to Islam. The story, about a moon-princess who was married off by her father to a man other than the man she loved struck a deep chord with _____.
Identify what came out of this inspiration (hint: identifying the story will get you the answer)

Q.3. In this question, _____ is the answer to Q.2

Identify this woman, who amongst others, also served as an inspiration for _____. Apparently ______ was fueled by his unrequited love for her.

And now, time for the answers. Answers cracked by everyone.
1. Clapton
3.Patty Boyd


1.Sorry for the awful pic guys, something terribly wrong with my comp. Anyways...identify the place and temme whats up here.

2.Apparently he loved "boys and girs"

Well no one got the first one correctly. The answer is well MIT but its related to Harry Potter. It was on his birthday. Notice the lightning bolt.

And well the second one is Albert Fish the notorious child molester and cannibal and part of inspiration for Hannibal. Apparently he "had children in every state".


Hello everyone

I just I'd paste all the links to all the online quiz that are happening around Lots of chances to win some cash Best of luck people.

Conducted by: IITB

Conducted by: College of Engg , Guindy(Anna Univ)
(the dead line for the first quiz has been extended till 26th)

Take these!

1.Connect both the pictures to some historical event.
Update:The middle guy is Indian

2.Identify X, though popularly known by its nick name Y. Here is a pic of X
3.from what I have heard, very popular amongst young girls. I think most of us have never seen this but many of us have certainly heard of it.Identify


1.Well sort of a toughie I guess. Thats Udham Singh, being arrested after killing Dwyer and thats the gun he used. He hid the gun inside a book. Guess it was arbit. Sorry.

2.Yes thats the Happy Face crater on Mars. Galle is the official name.
cracked by everyone

3. Yes thats Teen spirit of the Nirvana Fame. Kurt's ex Tobi something used to use it and he'd always chipkofied with her and ended up smelling like teen spirit himself. Cracked by Sethu. p.s: didnt know it was from u r quiz. lucky you.

Random questions

Q1. Identify

Q.2 "The origins of the term ______ date back to the 19th century. The source of the term as an urban-landscape reference is heavily debated, and is generally identified as originating in either Vancouver or Seattle, where it was adapted from a word which meant a corduroy road made of logs, used to skid or drag logs through woods and bog."
Identify this two word term, which refers to a dilapidated urban area, and is also the name of a famous band.

Q3. The product was codenamed as 'whistler', as several of the employees skied at Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort during its development. Identify this product.


Sorry guys, went outta town for a few days...the answers were cracked by almost everyone who attempted...n thanks rishabh for pointing out the flaw about the pic name...offence well recieved

1. Fountain of youth
2. Skid Row
3. Windows XP

Two for the day

1.Panorama of a place made from pics taken in early 20th century.

2.For the second season of her atrocious show where she acts wild and crazy, The Simple Life;Paris Hilton wanted to use the lyrics of a song and was vehemently denied. Identify the song/band


1. Simple. What's written on his T-shirt?

2. Who's the painter? (Mega clue in picture)

3. Sometime in early 1942, there was a series of sghtings of unidentified objects in the sky over the city of _______. There was a massive anti-aircraft strike, fearing a suspect Japanese attack. What's the city, and how is this incident famous today??

Question of the day

connect the three visuals

The first pic is that of the HAL 9000 from 2001:A Space Odyssey.
The second pic is that of Katherine Hepburn
The third pic is that of Truman Capote

The connect is

These are the three main characters who Anthony Hopkins used as an inspiration while working on The Silence of the Lambs. The cold-blooded voice of Lector is supposed to be an amalgamation of Kat Hepburn and the HAL 9000. Identifying the three would give the first google result.

Simple Challenge - 1

1) Fill In Blank

Take up the _______________--
Send forth the best ye breed--
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild--
Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
Half-devil and half-child.

Also identify the author...not a big deal once the blank is filled.

Ans: White man's burden, Kipling

2) What is this the coat of arms of? What did it give rise to?

Ans: This is the Manchester city coat of arms, which was partly incorporated in the ManU club badge in the 1950's....check out

1. Obviously not an exhaustive list. Sorta cryptic.

2. Well we all seem to know everything there is to know about this don't we? One of the greatest cinematographies ever. How the principle of reflection was used so brilliantly. What was so ironic about the whole setting?

3.Sometime in mid January couple of years back, there was talk of someone being stumped after a really long innings. Apparently it was a first. Even then, I dunno why it was such a big deal Any idea guys????

1.The answer is TOM HANKS! These are all the organisations he's worked for in his movies. Saving Private Ryan,Da Vinci,Catch me if you can,Apollo 13, Castaway which was prolly the giveaway as well. I wanted to give something from Forrest Gump, but then it would have made it far too easy. Great answer Shayak.

2. The funda is that this song, Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya was shot at Lahore Palace's Sheesh Mahal. Now Sheesh Mahal was built by Jehangir(Salim), it didnt exist during Akbar's reign. God level answer Sethu.

3. The tree at Kent Cricket ground.


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QM:Avinash Mudaliar as far as I know

All those guys who are planning to go to Mumbai during this time, make sure you attend these quizzes

Back with a Bong!

My first post in here we go.

Q1. Quite simply-connect

Q2. Which contest am I referring to? (obviously filling in the blank will give you the answer)

At the contest, the candidates had to fulfill certain criteria. ______ had to be an Indian and not the more glossy foreign kind from New Zealand, Australia and Europe._____ had to beautiful, which meant that her head and legs had to be shapely and in proportion to her torso. Finally, the gait had to be firm--hobbling or stooping was a straight disqualifier.

Q3. On December 28th, 2005, 41 year old Sharon Tendler got married to 35 year old Cindy in a highly publicized wedding in Eliat, Israel. What was so unusual about this wedding that got it the media attention?

Time for answers then-
1) No one seems to have cracked the first one, the answer for which is the song 'The End' by The Doors. The first pic is that of a scene from the movie Apocalypse Now. 'The End' was the theme song for the movie. The second pic is a poster for the play 'Oedipus Rex' . The Oedipus Complex is one of the governing themes of the song. The third pic is that of the drug oxymorphone, also known as 'the blue bus'. The last pic is that of Frederich Nietzsche, whose concept of going beyond the limited types of human beings known for so far greatly influenced the lyrics in the song. Final answer-The End by the doors.
2) Beauty pageant for cows held recently at Madhya Pradesh
3) Cindy (Cinderella) was a male dolphin


My first post! Ha!
1) Identify.

2) Give me the significance of this image.

3) What are the structural features that the arrows pointing to called?

Whoops! Excuse the hiatus! :D
Here're the answers:
1)Yup! The Com-Bat indeed! :D Good one, Saurjo!
2)The Centennial Bulb; cracked by the bear and ashok!
3)Ok; these are called "Firewalls" for the simple reason that if the building's roof is on fire, these barrier like thingies stop the fire from spreading over to the other part of the roof; hence the origin of the more popular usage of the word.

Two for today!

1.Who's this sex goddess?

2.Put fundae and connect.
Psst:The second one literally leads to the pic first.


1. Whatever happened to that Cute boy from Home Alone? Well this is how he ended up. It is Macaulay Culkin, cracked by Sethu and Rishabh

2. Thats Lonely Street leading up to HeartBreak Hotel! The blacked out portion said Elvis Presley Bvld. Good answer Rishabh!

These are pictures of a church somewhere in England. How has this church been immortalized in popular culture.
Here's a better pic
Another hint would be that its somewhere in Cambridgeshire, though thats only because it might in handy while googling. Don't want to give any more hints for this. This question comes under those on-the-spot hunches that turn out to be right category.

And the answer is:

This is Ely Cathedral. The second pic was a good enough clue. Great Answer Sethu!!!!

Question for the day

She is the lone member of a club. Nearly hundred years old

Nearly a hundred years old, 95 to be precise. She was one year old when she was aboard RMS Titanic. She is the only surviving member of the White Star Line disaster who is alive today.

Cracked by Thiru and Anand from Bits Goa


2. X's name can be found in the Guinness book of world records as one of the greatest misers of the world. As legend goes, when her son got injured, she didn't pay for the doctor and tried to heal him herself, two years later when the wound still hadn't healed, she dressed him in rags and pretended to be a charity case. She died the richest women in U.S with a little over 100 million dollars(1.5 billion in todays world). She was nick named as the ______ of wall street(hint:alliteration). Obviously I don't expect you to know X, once you get the blank you will get X


what is this?

4. Ofcourse, you all know him.

5. What are these? and connect.

Answer time:

1. Hmmm, the first pic was a giveaway...the answer is indeed Bernoulli. The fist pic is of the Bernoulli Family, which gave us so many mathematicians. The second pic is that of the graph of the bernoulli equation. The pic is of iomega, a company that manufactures storage devices. They made a 250 MB floppy sorta disk way back in 198, it was called the bernoulli box.

Cracked by Vivek

2.The Witch of Wall Street, Hetty Green, surprisingly cracked by many. Good answer guys!
Cracked by Ashwin, Vivek and Anks

3. Its the career graph of the great Leonard Hutton, whose world record was broken by Sir Gary Sobers when he scored 365* (Hutton scored 364). Many guessed Bradman. Bradman retired in 1948(after the invincibles)

Brilliant answer Lokesh

4. Tom Cruise. Does look a lot like him doesn't it?
Cracked only by Anks

5. Hmmm....well everyone said swiss army and vatican, well not the answer I was looking for, but then technically that answer is right too.

The answer I was looking for was :

Vatican and Switzerland: The only two "Square" flags in the world, as is evident in the pics.

What's this?

Give function and region where used

Answer: Shame, people...does no one know a Papua New Guinean Penis Gourd when they see one? It's practically the only item of clothing that was worn there amomg some tribes for a long time...

Black & White --4

Q. Give me a name.

This is the dvorak keyboard.