An August 2007 article in the Current Science journal estimated the money value of the savings accrued as a result of this change would be in the range of Rs. 1,000 crore every year, due to reduction in energy consumption upto 16% of what it is now. The authors also claim that this might help in reducing the number of road accidents. What?

The answer is shifting to Daylight Savings Time.

The Metalocalypse has begun

Connect the above
Note that the above are not exhaustive in the list

Venom's Welcome to Hell - the 1st Black Metal album
Death's Scream Bloody Gore - the first death metal album
At the gates's Slaughter of the soul - 1st melodic/swedish death metal album
Pantera's Cowboys from Hell - 1st groove metal album

These are the most easily traceable metal genre's

1. Connect.

The answer is Eagles. The Beverly Hills Hotel appears on the Hotel California album cover; and the place is in the second pic is called Standing on a corner (lyrics of Take it Easy). The placard there mentions a dedication to Eagles as well.

Answered by Sethu and Rishabh.

2. Connect.

Asterix is the connect. The first visual is the first French satellite launched - Asterix-I (a dedication to Asterix). You see Goscinny and Uderzo in the next pic. The Adventures of the Gummi Bears is an animated series where a bunch of people have a magic potion that gives them superhuman strength, which is along the same lines as Asterix.

Sethu got this...good one!

3. Another connect. These are the first five people out of many (Not in the same order)

Psyche and Rishabh cracked this. These are the first five people mentioned in We Didn't Start The Fire (all references in the year 1949, that's where the chronological ordering of events starts off in the song).

From the top: Doris Day, Joe Di Maggio, Walter Winchell, Johnnie Ray and Harry Truman at the bottom.

What was he the founder of?

The answer is T V Sundaram , founder of TVS Motors. Cracked by Aravind, Sethu and Sriram


Link this to popular culture

Update: Agreed its vague,sorry, fine connect to the world of Music

That's a Coyote, aka Steppenwolf or wolf of the steppes.

Got by The red baron, Aravind and UDit( just in time, I got your mail the moment I was about top publish :)
Though thanks to Sethu and Abhijeet to correct me.

The third is supposed to be most effective amongst all the three(proved using combinatorial mathematics). What is being discussed here?

Cracked by one and all. These are the most effective ways to tie shoe laces.

Another Connect

Connect the two. Not too difficult I suppose
The answer is Johann Strauss' Blue Danube. Ajanta clocks(orpat)'s ads used it. The movie also used this in this soudtrack


A,B,C didn't accept this because of identical reason.
D also later declined the offer because of a similar though not
identical reason. So who finally accepted it?

The answer is Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. That's Thandie Newton, Jada Smith and Catherine Zeta Jones. They were supposed to be the real charlie's angels. Jolie declined later. All of them said they couldn't take up the role due to pregnancy( where as Jolie was trying to get pregnant).
No one got this.


The answer is santa claus. Coke popularized santa. The legend was based on St Nicholas and Harper's was the first version of the Merry ho-ho-ho'er as we know him
Trilok and Varun got it

Fill the blanked part.

The answer is Tommy Hilfiger and this is regarding the email hoax that was circulating. The email claimed that Tommy Hilfiger had made racist remarks on an Oprah Show and was then asked to leave by Oprah herself. Cracked by udit, the red baron, the spark,sriram,trilok,vrashabh

Formed by the fusion of the Aryan language Marathi and the Dravidian languages Kannada and Telugu and whose base is Punjabi, though now a dialect this was once an accepted language. What language?

This was a toughie. The answer is Dakhni or Hyderabadi Hindi.
Punjabi is the base of Urdu, however when the Muslim kings of Deccan and North had a battle, the Deccan Kings broke off and formed their own language. Quli Qutub Shah was actually a great Dakhni writer.


What is this?

It is Bhagat Singh's death sentence. Cracked by EVERYONE( including Aksha via Gchat)

IMS 2008

IMS 2008 JAIPUR City elims


team consisting of Vivek, Rachit and myself.

Lets hope for the best.

p.s: There are numerous reasons behind the gay smiley.

3 BITSian teams made it on stage.


While most movies receive a 60-70% or at most 300% percent increase in the movie meter ratings of IMDB, one movie dared to be different. This movie has had a 3700% increase in the IMDB movie meter ratings in the last week. Quite a popular movie. Name it.

Answer:GReat work tibrewal
The answer is indeed Brokeback Mountain. The movie has received phenomenal ratings in the last week or so coz of Heath Ledger's death