How would you conect this picture to Kolkata in recent times?

Answer:  Guess this was a little too easy. Answer is Ajantha Mendisa who plays for the Kol Knight riders and also for the Srilankan Army in the SL Domestic circuit.
Cracked by Raghuvansh


Who comes next in line?

Jaideep,santa,self proclaimed wordsmith,raghuvansh gave me ore than anything I could've asked for :) and varun kr smelled it alright. The answer is The Rock or Dwayne Johnson.


Sorry for the hiatus.

This one is from a sports quiz I conducted during BITS Open Sports Meet 2k8. Identify the two guys.

I scrapped the significance part after doing a litle research upon seeing Raghuvansh's comment. Sorry for that folks.

Anyways, everyone cracked the nut for this one. It is indeed Vinnie Jones and Gazza.


Extremely sorry for the long delay. The female is Danica Patrick. She became the first woman ever to win an IndyCar race when she won the Indy Japan 300 at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit ( being the first picture) in Japan on April 20, 2008. Pranav gets credit for the identification, but doesn't get the connect. However, raghuvansh,vernon n karthik did.
Interested readers/racing enthusiasts/men may want to check out her photos appearing in FHM and Sports Illustrated. And Saurya...thanks.


The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction. Smashed into a soft,soggy mass by 8 individuals.

I'm back!

Back to my wicked ways, that is. Identify who the lips belong to.

Correction,. The lips do indeed belong to Lorelei Shark, from the poster of the Rocky Horror Picture and not Patricia Quinn(Magenta) from the opening track of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Apologies for the mistake. Cracked by merrin, who's right.