Long time, no see. A really simple one for today. What? Whose?

The Marshall Guitar Amp that goes "up to eleven", belonging to Spinal Tap's Nigel Tufnell.

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Well, connect the second and third picture to this man with the guitar. The third pic is a specific thing and not a generic one, just wanted to clear that.

And yes, this is a little vague.

Cyst says

perhaps it is the dog moose who played eddie on tv sitcom Frazier and has a son named "enzo" ... the car in third pic is ferrari enzo
Perhaps it IS!
Awesome answer.


Two paintings of the same object by an artist who created quite an impression. Identify and tell me why are they different?

Quoting Nilanjana

Monet's water lily series. He painted them during a period where he suffered from cataract. Ultimately he had his eye lens removed, which corrected the problem but allowed him to see ultraviolet light, thus the latter water lilies are painted in a more blue shade.
Cracked by Nilanjana, and well Vivek and Varun KR got it, though didnt write the whole answer, I'll give it t them. Simply mentioning Monet is not good enough, cummon guys!


Which very famous place is depicted in this painting.

Well, does this look familiar?


This is the famous Piccadilly Circus area of London and not Trafalgar Square as many said.
Cracked by Red Baron, Sethu and NiKHIL.

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Whose car?

This car is the property of psychic spoonbender Uri Geller. A 1976 Cadillac, it is adorned with thousands of pieces of bent tableware given to him by celebrities or otherwise having historical or other significance.

Bent out of shape by NIKHIL, codenamev, and Ashwin Iyer. Fakepurseninja's guess twisted the wrong way.

continuing with the tradition of easy ones , just connect the pics .

The first photo is of the Indonesian pop band "Peterpan", and the second is of Parveen Babi.The film "woh Lamhe" was based on Parveen Babi's life, and the song "kya mujhe pyaar hai" from the movie was copied from the song,"Tak Bisakah", by this Indonesian pop band.

cracked by ashwin iyer

ID the 3 people; their creation is very well-known
I'll award this to Rishabh for getting 2 of the people and the connect right - the people are Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman and David Crane - the creators of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Debashish and Jaideep also cracked this one. Good going!`

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cOnNeCt d pics

easy one i ges

answered by jay, srinivas

1. Roland Garros the french aviator-French Open
2. Arthur Ashe - US Open
3. Rod Laver- Australian Open

All have grand slam stadiums named after them ( couldnt find a proper pic of Philippe Chatrier to make a centre/main court connect )


Connect all the individual pics! :D
Clue would be that there's 'some' pictures missing; tie it to Friday the 13th.

Sigh...since no one's got the funda as yet, here's the answer; clockwise from left - Matsyasana(The Fish), Koormasana(The Tortoise), Simhasana(The Lion), Dhanurasana(The Bow), Chakrasana(The Wheel), Vatayanasana(The Horse), Halasana(The Plough) - representing Matsya, Koorma, Narasimha, Rama, Krishna, Kalki and Balarama respectively; the ones missing being Varaaha, Vaamana and Parashurama. The connect being obvious; the ten avatars of Vishnu; the funda with Friday the 13th; oh know which movie hits the theatres today!

Excuse the arbitness! :)

ID the 4 pics and connect. Identifying the guy is difficult, so I'll give an oblique clue - the type of substances he first identified is of immense use in polymer synthesis.

Zuk hits on this - though the answer's quite popular. These are the precursor chemicals on which the Google Gulp Flavors were named. From top, beta carotene (Beta Carroty), Moses Gomberg (discoverer of free radicals, Sugar-Free Radical), Serotonin (Sero-Tonic Water) and Glutamic acid (Glutamate Grape).

easy if u have been online of late

the connect is laser

1. theodore maiman - built the 1st laser on may 16th 1960
2. google doodle - may 16th 2008

answered by Psyche,nikhil,saye,codenameV,the_chief and jay


Rather simple; just identify and connect the pictures. The answer happens to be one of the pics but what the heck! Oh and the list isn't exhaustive, if that's a clue at all...
Answer: The Brothers Grimm, it is! Cinderella, The Grimm Brothers, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, The Elves and the Shoemaker being the individual pics. Cracked by Nikhil, sandeep,vernon and jay


The chimp on the left's found something on the back of the chimp on the right. What's the Right-Chimp being accused of?

Cartoon by the great Gary Larson. Left-Chimp accuses Right-Chimp of "Conducting a little more 'research' with that Jane Goodall tramp?"

Cracked by that N I K H I L tramp.

Identify - Connect

Simple. ID, Connect.

Kubrick, Waters, Album art of Atom Heart Mother and movie poster of 2001: A Space Odyssey.Story goes that Kubrick requested waters for using music from Atom Heart Mother for A Clockwork Orange and Waters refused, a favor returned by Kubrick when Waters asked him for use of music from 2001: A Space Odyssey for one of his promos. Toughie, I guess.
Codename V came the closest and got half of it right.

Who ?

Give the batsman and bowler on both occasions

answered by Jay, Kutappan, Sunil

1. dennis lillee bowling to peter petherick of NZ

2. damien fleming bowling to david mutendera

Tell me a story.


Funda is that there was this chap named James Buck, a US university Journalism student who had gone to Egypt. There him and his translator were captured by the police and he used twitter to get himself a lawyer (he just typed "arressted" and people came to his help, giving him legal advice etc). He then tried to get his translator out. Mohammed.
here is the news item

Brilliant crack by nikhil and codenameV


Simple question for today. Identify the man.

Firefighter extraordinaire Red Adair.

Answered rightly by Kuttappan.


Connect each set of images, and all the sets together.

Sigils and mottos of the major Houses in the Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin.

1. House Stark- Direwolf, "Winter is coming" (Jack Frost being a personification of the season.)
2. House Baratheon- Stag, "Ours is Fury" (That's a picture of the Erinyes, aka the Furies)
3. House Greyjoy- Kraken, "We do not sow" (Apologies)
4. House Lannister- Lion, "Hear me roar" (Curling is also known as the roaring game)
5. House Targaryen- Dragon, "Fire and Blood"

Cracked alone by Neo_082.


1.this guy who s more famous for his other skills

2.the woman

1. Peter Roebuck
2. Mrs. Norma Jeane Dougherty better known to us as Marilyn Monroe
cracked by Kuttapan and partially by Udit,Sumant

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Name the sport.

43-Man Squamish. Answered by N I K H I L and Roger Kaputnik.