Tour de France preview

Connect the three pictures:-

From Wikipedia:
In his Tour de France debut in 1969, Merckx immediately won the yellow jersey (overall leader), the green jersey (best sprinter) and the red polka-dotted jersey ("King of the Mountains" - best climber in the mountain stages). No other cyclist has achieved this triple in the Tour de France, and only Tony Rominger and Laurent Jalabert have been able to match this feat at the Grand Tour level, in the 1993 and 1995 Vueltas, respectively.

Cracked by Nikhil and Ashwin Iyer


Seeing that the standards of the BITSquizlog are falling, there's no way i can't be a part of the deterioration. Without further ado, Connect.

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1. Yamaha Banshee
2. The star Algol (or Ra's Al Ghul, arabic for "Head of the Ghoul)
3. Baba Yaga's Hut (She's a hag, of course)
4. Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart
5. Troll Doll.
6. Vampire bat.
7. Hypertrichosis, or Werewolf syndrome.
8. The Yeti scalp at Khumjung monastery.
The Connect is books by Gilderoy Lockhart:

* Break with a Banshee
* Gadding with Ghouls
* Holidays with Hags
* Magical Me
* Travels with Trolls
* Voyages with Vampires
* Wandering with Werewolves
* Year with the Yeti

Brilliant cracks by N I K H I L and Sunil Seetharaman. Bravo!

Identify this poster

and connect with the 3 pics given below

brilliant answer by rajesh & mahesh

1. OLYMPIC cricket match between france and england in 1900
2. AUDI A4
3. the AFGHAN Prime Minister
4. arnold acted in a movie called JUNIOR (1993) about male pregnancy.

the connect is MARK WAUGH , those were all his nicknames.

In a 1992 series v SriLanka he was named audi when he scored 4 consecutive ducks ( 4 rings in the audi logo ) and fortunately for him he escaped the OLYMPIAN tag ( 5 ducks )

1. Connect.
clue: In the third pic, the statue was decked like that for a particular occasion. The occasion gives the answer from which u can find how the first and second pic lead to the connect..

2. To Harry Potter Buffs, name the book?? [:D] and name the inspiration for the other character fighting the savage beast..

1.asterix and the falling sky
The superclone in the book was modelled on arnold
manneken pis was decked up like obelix for the release of the book
The comic is " Prisoners of Time" which featured indomitable gauls like characters.The falling sky had a superman like character because uderzo wanted to return the favour

2.Harry Potter and Leopard-Walk-Up-to-Dragon
A cheap chinese imitation.. and centaur in the book was modelled on gandalf

i guess too tough and too arbid

Great Going Codenamev and Nikhil

1. Spoof shot of whom ?

2. Identify the movie and what is special about it ?

most of u got this right .

1. alfred hitchcock - simpsons episode THE STREET CAR NAMED MARGE , spoof of him walking dogs from the movie THE BIRDS (1963)

2. the malayalam movie HARIKRISHNANS , 1st indian movie with multiple climaxes( it has 2 endings ) a third ending was planned wit SRK but was gussed l8r on.

The pics are labeled A, B , C and D from top to bottom.

A wrote a set of tales, a woodcut of which is portrayed in B. One of those tales is about C based on which a popular author X might have based his/her book D upon.

PS: D is famous if you're well in track of books released in the recent past.

PS1: There have been English(1944) and Italian(1972) movies made based on B.

PS2: B is also referenced in the movie Se7en when Morgan Freeman tries to analyze the killer's background.

A: Geoffrey Chaucer
B: The Canterbury Tales
C: The Pardoner's Tale
D: The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Good work in tandem by Nikhil and 'Vijay'.

TaYk This

connect the pics

great answer by HARI , the connect is STREAKER

sorry guys correction here (after seeing the youtube footage)

1. Terry Alderman - dislocated his shoulder trying to tackle a half naked guy
2. Symonds - during this years CB series
3. Greg Chappell - whacked a streaker with his bat once


Identify the guy and connect him to the map.

Again, low hits - thought this was easy - Nikhil got it right - the guy's Shuji Nakamura - principal innovator of the technology behind the Blu-Ray disc and the map (as is quite commonly encountered in many quizzes) shows the three Blu-Ray regions (Orange - Region 1; Green - Region 2; Pink - Region 3)


This is the VJD system proposed by V Jayadevan to prescribe targets for rain affected ODIs.

Nikhil gets it right, and so does JJ, on his second attempt.

This chap (descendant of the Janjua Rajput clan) served in the Indian National Army under Subhas Bose, was acquitted over charges of sedition to the British Crown pre-independence. In free India, he later headed the committee on the Bose death mystery. The outcome of the committee's investigation was that Bose crashed in Taipei and his ashes are preserved in the Renkoji temple in Tokyo - a bone of contention between India and Japan ever since. Connect him to the actor below. Slightly convoluted but workable. Especially because more than half of you will Wiki the above details whether I want you to or not.

Weird - low hits on this one. Nikhil, Saye gets it right - the guy with the ommala long description is Maj. Gen. Shah Nawaz Khan. He, incidentally, is the maternal grandfather of Shah Rukh Khan. The actor playing Batman in the pic is Val Kilmer ( I think this was Batman Returns) who is the voice of the car KITT in the 2008 Knight Rider movie remake of the David Hasselhoff series. Connect is now obvious.


shud b easy , this is the erstwhile logo of which company ?

hari,psyche n iyer got it right. it is the logo of the SS company(similar to the Nazi eagle), who would become the manufacturers of Jaguar cars.


Q.Identify the guy & his contribution to www , hence forming the connect wit the other 2 pics.

cracked by hari(gtalk),rishabh,varun & psyche. connect being IMDb

the guy is Col Needham founder and MD of IMDb , thats the formula they use to calculate their ratings and The Godfather has been the top rated movie for a longtime now.

Connect :)

An easy one today. Connect the following pictures:

First picture leads indirectly to the connect.

Quoting Rishabh
"The three-eyed smiley face used as the logo of the film Evolution(pic2)in marketing was borrowed from the comic book Transmetropolitan(pic1). Producers had to get permission from DC Comics to use it and were licensed by Smileyworld Ltd., owner of the smiley face trademark, to use it for advertising and commercial purposes."

Rachit identified the pics but didnt connect.

Who ??

identify this legend .

good ans by pscyhe, rishabh, Jay, iyer, kuttapan, nishant, udit

It is Robert Deniro potraying Jake La motta from the movie Raging Bull (1980)

Sniff! Sniff!

Fill in what's been blanked out on the top pic. Obama, the tigers and the nasty female Culex are slightly indirect clues to the answer.

Answer's Teen Spirit - the deo and Cobain - the rest's common knowledge. Low hits on this one. Nikhil , ajay got it right (and Rishabh, over Google Talk). The clues were Obama- mulatto, white tiger - albino, Culex - mosquito. Self-explanatory, so I won't bother with the details.


cracked by hari & iyer- on the left s english cricketer gladstone small and on the right is the new face of the pharoah Tutankhamun . both of them were diagnosed wit the medical disorder Klippel-Feil Syndrome.