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Connect the no attention to the order

Quoting Sana who got it right,
"Pic1 - Greg Bear
Pic2 - David Brin
Pic3 - Isaac Asimov
Pic4 - Gregory Benford
All these guys have written prequels to Asimov's Foundation trilogy. "

The Dublin Daly came close but wasn't exact.


This was an entry in an competition to select the 2012 Olympic logo. But, the website took it off soon. Why?

The logo was 'inspired' by the famous internet shock site, one of the earliest internet memes.

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Up in the Clouds

Who is he, and why's he dressed this way?

Cory Doctorow winning the 2007 EFF Pioneer Award, dressed according to how xkcd sees him.
Answered by mayur and the macho eclipse, jj, aravind and VRASHABH.


1. What famous olympic event is this?
2. Connect the 2 athletes in the images that follow:

Quoting the dublin daly:

1) Dorando Pietri at the 1908 Marathon being helped across the line (subsequently disqualified).[ The official on the right is Arthur Conan Doyle.]

2) Paavo Nurmi (Flying Finn) and Milkha Singh (Flying Sikh) - connect is 'flying'?!

Answered fully by nishanth, the dublin daly, aravind and rachit.

KCircle comes back

The last year has seen Kcircle, one of the oldest Quizzing clubs in India, expand. Today, the meeting place (YMCA, Secunderabad) seems rather tiny, all thanks to the massive participation that every quiz is receiving. The quizzes have too are of the highest quality, with the old and young, the thinkers and the ghotus, the hairy and the hairless, all racking their brains to hit the bullseye. But then that is the spirit of Kcircle. It about participation, its about ethics too, its about working things out when you aren't given much to work with.

But this should obviously not stop any of us to spread awareness of the club. One such way is through having an online presence.

Kcirle's website uptil now?

A miniscule space that resided,dormant on the big web. A page that hadn't been updated since I joined college (and its been quite long folks since that had happened). But, Kcircle now has a spanking new site, which ( I hope) will be updated regularly. It will help in informing many more from the City and hopefully prove successful in cancelling all their plans on Saturday evenings, so that they too can join us for couple of hours of nerve racking quizzing.

The URLs are,, and

Flight of Fancyy


The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio. Answered by raghuvansh.


Connect (and explain, obviously)

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Quoting The Dublin Daly: "Brave New World is set in 632 AF - After Ford and the cross in the churches has been reducedto a T (Model T) after loping off the top of the cross.

Thin Lizzie get their name from Tin Lizzie which was a nickname for the flimsy model Ts."

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How is 2 significant to 1?

2 is an album by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson titled "Lefty and Pancho", which also happen to be the names of Pamela Anderson's Bests.

Harsha licked this one clean.
Also check out, the bastard child of porno and quizzing.

Identify all.
Connect the first 3 pics.
clue: The 4th almost joined the above three but survived thanks to ... , but that is an old story..

Quoting Vernon quoting Ra's Al Ghul: "The League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. We sacked Rome, loaded trade ships with plague rats, burned London to the ground."
The fourth picture being Gotham City.

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Connect 1 and 2 and the word 'substitute', maybe.



Pic1 is the logo of Synthespian Studios and their creations. The name itself is a portmanteau of 'Synthetic' and 'Thespian'. A synthespian is essentially a virtual or digital clone of a human being. The process of substituting for an existing actor on film is also called "Schwarzeneggerization".
Pic2 shows Roland Kickinger, who plays the Series 800 Model 101 Terminator in the Terminator 4 movie, substituting Arnold Schwarzenneger himself.

I won't do what you tell me.

Logo of what organisation?

The Axis of Justice, founded by Serj Tankian of SOAD and Tom Morello of RATM.

Answered by Pranav, Manasvi and Nishanth


What's been blocked out and who's supposed to have written this letter?

From Hell- Jack The Ripper.

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explain what is going on ( some specific reaction/phenomenon watever...)

Posted by N I K H I L

Diet Coke+ Mentos= Magic.
Answered by loads of you.
(Apologize for the brevity. Joker hangover.)

Identify the artist, or atleast what all the works of this collection (3 of which are shown here) are inspired by.

These are pieces from the 'Art Vandals' series by Felix Gmelin. As evident, all these works are inspired by popular cases of vandalism in the art world.
1.Kill Lies All, 1996, After Pablo Picasso (1937) and Tony Shafrazi (1974) [Guernica]
2.Painting Modernism Black, 1996, After Damien Hirst (1994) and Mark Bridger (1994) [Awa from the flock]
3.I Love You Tushee Love Buns, 1994, After Roy Lichtenstein (1962) and Reginald Walker (1993)[Curtains]

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What, whose?

No one spotted the answer. It's George Clooney's batsuit from "Batman and Robin", clearly displaying the mammalian nature of the Bat.

Who will watch This Film?

Extremely easy one for today. Publicity poster for which film?

Watchmen, based on the comic by Alan Moore.

Answered by Merrin, Jaideep Jagannathan, vinod and harsha.


Who're 1 and 2, and what're the planning?

Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Kevin Smith's latest project.

Answered rightly by one peeping Tom.

What literary work am i alluding to?
(People answering H2G2 will die slow, painful deaths.)

Well, as codenameV has pointed out, the number is nothing but pi in base11. And "We apologize for the inconvenience" is indeed God's message to Creation in the H2G2 series. The book the question intended to refer to was Carl Sagan's "Contact", where Sagan suggests that God's message to Creation lies within the infinite digits of pi, and this message becomes evident in base11. This now serves as a primer to show you the most useless site in existence:

We apologize for the inconvenience.



Clues: Can suggest questionable medicines for sick female horses. Can even point the way to the centre of the earth.

The Marenostrum supercomputer, the most powerful supercomputer in Spain, housed in the Chapel Torre Girona in Barcelona.

Answered by NIKHIL, Merrin, VRASHABH, and rachit.

BTW, nostrum means questionable medication. And Mare Nostrum was the Roman name for the Mediterranean sea (middle of the land)



Explain how 1 and 2 represent 3.



1. Anchor tattoo.
2. The Hales Trophy or the Blue Riband award

Blue Riband Trophy is awarded to the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, and the anchor tattoo was originally sported by sailors to signify crossing the Atlantic Ocean.The third picture is the cover of Rod Stewart's Album, Atlantic Crossing.
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Easy one.

Lets call the pics A,B,C,D so on...keeping in mind A-B,C-D r together , fill in the last pic.

the answer is Jonty Rhodes

1. Roland Holder 1st person 2 be given out bowled (3rd umpire decision ) by Anil Kumble ,
2. Pakistan all-rounder Shoaib Malik became the first batsman to be given out lbw to Vaas, by the third umpire during the opening match of the ICC Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka
3. Sachin 1st person to be run out using the tv replay by Rhodes


These are the preliminary idea for something. The artist envisioned it to look like a hungry child. What? Who is the artist?

The Alien by Satyajit Ray, supposedly the inspiration for E.T.. Check out for more.

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Thanks Harsha for the question.

Ahead of its time

Someone's life moved in this manner, with [question mark]. Identify both the person, and the [question mark]. Click for larger image.

This question is dedicated to Ameya.

This is supposedly how director Sanjay Gupta's life changed after he made the film Zinda.
Quoting the inspired director himself, "With Zinda I have moved away from the Michael Bay / Tony Scott style of filmmaking to the David Fincher / Darren Aronofsky school which is highly stylised but controlled and minimal."

Answered by Ameya alone. Good one, old boy!


Connect the three pictures. The person out of focus in the third picture is irrelevant to the connect.

The First picture a portrait of Prof. James Moriarty by Sidney Paget.
The second, is Alan Moore.
The third picture is one of Beat god Neal Cassady, who isn't some actor who played James Moriarty in some obscure film. Cassady inspired the character Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouc's book, On the Road.

According to Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier, Dean Moriarty appears in a story( a 'Sal Paradyse'), which suggests that he is the great-grandson of Professor James Moriarty. The story, incidentally, has Sal and him teaming up with Mina Murray and Alan Quatermain against a villain named Doctor Sachs(A play on another of Kerouac's characters, Dr.Sax).

No one gets this one. A couple of you posted the right wiki extract, but didnt get the connect.

More than one admirer!

Shown here is a scale model of which car? The blueprints for the same are shown below.

This is 'The Homer', a car designed for the "average" American by Homer Simpson, for his half brother Herb Powell's company.

Answered only by Tom. good siht!


Identify this 'visionary'.

Johnny Knoxville of Jackass fame. by the by, Madison's the name of his daughter.

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Fans, Start!

Map of what?

The Crystal Maze.

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