Visuals visuals!

1) Connect...(Have read them all and they're some of her worst books ever!!)

2) Identify
3) Rather guessable; connect!


1) Tommy and Tuppence it is; cracked by vivek, tapioca and nilanjana!

2) Faithful Hachiko, anyone? :D Third standard text books, if am not wrong. I liked Laika as a guess though!

3) Vivek got the closest; these were portrayals of the Madonna and the child by various artists; Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael Sanzio, Donatello Bardi and Michelanjelo Buanorotti; the connect being TMNT.

Voice over

A lion and a tiger’s roar were recorded and played backwards.What did this result in?

King Kong's voice is the answer.
Prahlad and Sethu get it right

More visuals...

1) Easy one to start with...Identify and connect.

2) Identify and connect the two images.

3) Connect the two images.


1) Oscar Wilde it is! That's(clockwise from top left) "The Importance of Being Earnest", "A Good Woman" based on "Lady Windermere's Fan", that's Dorian Gray from "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", based on Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and that's "The Happy Prince", one of my Wilde favourites! Cracked by neo_82 and debasish!

2) That's the "Chagaboom", the Anthill Mob's vehicle and the villain happens to be Sylvester Sneekly, all from "The Perils of Penelope Pitstop"; cracked by neo_82.

3) Both movies based on Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha"; cracked by debasish.

Great going!


This is the Addams family house created by Charles Addams. This served as the inspiration of what other building?

MSK gets it right. The answer is The house from Psycho.

In the train schedules published in American newspapers of the 1800s, the names of railroads were abbreviated.
X.Y was a railroad, whose hyphenated form (X-Y) started being used to describe Y people born in X. And that’s how X-Y cuisine gets its name.

Name the actor and the movie!

Answer: Its David Bowie!!!!
In the Last Temptation of Christ.
And yes, he is quite unrecognisable here.

Both these questions should be sitters. As is evident from the first question, Think Airplanes.

1. What?

(hint: music)

2. Connect:
Till , Cardamom, Coriander, Turmeric, Chilli, Saffron, Fennel, Cinnamon

Note: Not an exhaustive list.

Answers:1.Rammstein Airshow crash
2. Obviously the spice jets.

Cracked by Rishabh. MSK, Nikhil and Tapioca got one each.

sunday sports breakfast


Αρχαίο Πνεύμ' αθάνατο, αγνέ πατέρα
του ωραίου, του μεγάλου και τ'αληθινού,
κατέβα, φανερώσου κι άστραψ'εδώ πέρα
στην δόξα της δικής σου γης και τ'ουρανού.
Στο δρόμο και στο πάλεμα και στο λιθάρι,
στων ευγενών Αγώνων λάμψε την ορμή,
και με τ' αμάραντο στεφάνωσε κλωνάρι
και σιδερένιο πλάσε κι άξιο το κορμί.
Κάμποι, βουνά και θάλασσες φέγγουν μαζί σου
σαν ένας λευκοπόρφυρος μέγας ναός,
και τρέχει στο ναό εδώ, προσκυνητής σου,
Αρχαίο Πνεύμ' αθάνατο, κάθε λαός.

What is this? Please dont google this one. Very workoutable.

2. identify

1> olympi anthem
2>robin uthappa
cracked by the lone response of msk


What are these models patents for? (Pretty guessable)



Answer: Early mouse patents.

Cracked by Sethuraman


quite easy: World Book and world bank.

cracked by shayak

People patent all sorts of things. What could this be possibly used for?

Answer: IT is a machine that uses centrifugal force to remove a baby from the mother. Great answer Jollyrover. Sethu :P One of the questions from the quiz I hosted

Ok, well i guess the questions were too vague, but here are the answers:

1.The Pictures all show the Phonetic Alphabet used very widely in the Commercial Airline Industry.

Charlie, Golf, India, X-ray and Oscar.

For a full list, see:

2. The monument shown in the pic is the Wright Brothers National Monument in Kittyhawk, North Carolina. That's where their first flight took place in 1903.


What was named in his honor? Second pic is a big enough clue.

The answer is Wellington.
Thats Arthur Wellesly the Duke of Wellington. Wellington is the name of a small town in Somerset UK. Wellington, NewZealand is named after Arthur Wellesly.

Continuing with my series of connected questions, here's another tickler:

Q1. To which controversial icon of the Entertainment industry does the following 'suggestive' signature belong-

Q2. Identify this famous painting shown below. I want the full name of the painting. No prizes for guessing the painter's name. As always, the answer is related to the previous one.

Q3.Identify this marvel comics character. As always, the answer is related to the previous two questions.


Sorry guys, for not having posted answers before. Just got back to Pilani, so...
Anyway, here are the answers
1.Mae West-cracked by Casina and Prahlad Srihari
2.Face Of Mae West Which May Be Used As An Apartment-Salvador Dali. Alternative names may exist. I'll have to check to confirm prahlad's answer
3. Diamond Lil-cracked by Casina and Prahlad Srihari

1. Connect the following pics:

2. What is this?

(I've obviously erased the names on the monument)