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Answer : The BCCI logo , it is derived from the emblem of the Order of the Star of India, India's highest order of chivalry during the British Raj and also its Coat of Arms.

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Its origins are believed to lie in ancient American tribal history, where it was more of a spiritual affair. Earliest form of what?


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A fairly easy tech question for today. Identify this man (or his invention) whose love for shorter sentences, fewer keystrokes and fewer wheels on his cycle has made our lives much easier.


What word connects the following? List not exhaustive.

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Answer:(Highlight adjacent space)**People who go into the connect are Captain Queenan from 'The Departed', the Comedian, Marty Janetty and Mace Windu. The connect is the word 'defenestration'-the act of throwing someone out of a window.**

Could it be?

An interesting theory which did the rounds on the internet a while ago. What? 

Answer: (Highlight the adjacent space) Microsoft copied Playstation to name its console 'X box 360'.


What are these people holding? 

A close up of the object:
 This is the Bram Stoker Award presented anually by the Horror Writers Association.
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Brain of BITS 2009

The prelims and finals of BOB 2009, the lone wolf quiz competition of BITS, Pilani.
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