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Hello Quizzers

This recent month has had an overwhelming response as far as the hits(especially from the repeating visitors) to the blog is concerned.
Coming straight to the point. Some of you have expressed concern over how the comment system works.
Let me explain it in detail:
This blog has two sets of people. Contributors and the rest. Both of them actively answer the questions. Comment moderation doesn't work for contributors, hence they are advised before hand to comment using the rot13 encryption system, where as the rest of the comments are moderated by the webmasters. So unless the answer to a question is posted, the question is still open to all. For most of the questions the answers are posted within 2-3 days MAX (for some of our contributors are working professionals). Any other ambiguity regarding anything at all can be clarified using the contact us tab at the top. And above all, any inconvenience is regretted.

Shine on


At April 24, 2008 at 9:14 AM Hari said...

Working Professionals.... I like that ;)


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